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a restaurant crawl in the Flatiron district New York
Helen Stephan
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  • Cannibals
  • causal...welcoming...delicious
  • amazing selections of beers
  • great quirky outdoor area!!
  • Hill Country Barbecue
  • dishing it up, chefs pre service start at Hill Country Barbecue
  • fancy watching the foot trafficno better place than Hill Country Barbecue
  • no place for a vegetarianbut this is quality meats cooked to perfection!
  • L&W Oyster Co
  • super stylish this is a New York institution!
  • Junoon not you average Indian restaurantOne star 2013 Michelin Guide
  • super elegant dining room
  • desserts to die for Egyptian Rice Pudding
  • or........their Chocolate Semi-Fredo
  • Modern but warm environmentkeep it simple with a snack at their bar
  • a fabulous wine list to compliment equally fabulous food
  • for more New York dining and quirky tips click on the image
Cannibals1 causal...welcoming...delicious2 amazing selections of beers3 great quirky outdoor area!!4 Hill Country Barbecue5 dishing it up, chefs pre service start at Hill Country Barbecue6 fancy watching the foot traffic7 no place for a vegetarian8 L&W Oyster Co9 super stylish this is a New York institution!10 Junoon not you average Indian restaurant11 super elegant dining room12 desserts to die for Egyptian Rice Pudding13 or........their Chocolate Semi-Fredo14 Modern but warm environment15 a fabulous wine list to compliment equally fabulous food16 for more New York dining and quirky tips click on the image17

27 West 24th Street (between 5th and 6th), New York, 10010
t +1 212 490 2100
web www.junoonnyc.com – their web site has fabulous pictures to you can really grasp their offering

This upmarket, modern, Indian restaurant has a Michelin star and whilst it is a great place to have a full dining experience, we prefer to go have a snack and a drink at their bar, the Pataila Lounge. Our indulgent crawl often starts at Junoon as it is one of the more elegant places on our list. The cocktails are amazing and unique and many incorporate exotic Indian spices and chillies. They change seasonally and their indulgent bar staff will also make you your own personal cocktail if you tell them what you like to drink.

Our recommendations are perfect for sharing. The appetisers are excellent and they are adept at enlivening more traditional Indian dishes. The duck gushtaba are delicious duck meatballs in a saffron, almond and cashew sauce which have some slight heat from green chillies. The lahsooni gobi (crispy cauliflower with chilli and garlic tomato chutney) is delicious and the eggplant chaat (crispy baby eggplants with yogurt, tamarind and red onion) is a favourite. We also love their naans with the chutney.

30 W 26th St (between 6th Ave & Broadway) New York, NY 10010
t +1 212 255 4544
web www.hillcountryny.com

Unlike Junoon, this is not a fancy place but it is good! The restaurant is very casual and you walk up to counters to order your meats, which are wrapped in butcher’s paper, and sides which you take back to your table and eat. It is no frills, paper towels for napkins and paper baskets to eat out of.

The barbecue they serve is Central Texas, dry rub, meat market style (as opposed to wet style Kansas City or Carolina style). I am not a huge barbecue fan but the moist brisket is amazing and I think the best dish on the menu at Hill Country Barbecue Market. Don’t make the mistake of ordering the lean brisket. It is nowhere near as succulent as the moist is. Their sausages are also fabulous and if you like spicy food the jalapenõ cheese is the way to go. Of the sides the white shoepeg corn pudding might not look the prettiest but it is a must have and the campfire baked beans with burnt ends and confetti coleslaw are not to be missed. My five year old daughter is also a huge fan of their longhorn cheddar mac and cheese.

Although Hill Country Barbecue Market is a great place for dinner my favourite thing to do here is to stop here for a drink and snack at the bar. I always have the same thing to drink, their Marguerita on the rocks with salt with a slice of seedless jalapenõ in it is a stunner. If you haven’t had a margarita like this, this is a must do American cocktail experience. The chilli ads a subtle hint of heat without overpowering the drink.

To eat, the best thing at the bar order the brisket burnt ends, the delicious, tender morsels of the moist brisket ends. They are the bits with the most spice crust and the best smoky flavour. They are not on the menu but if you ask them nicely they will usually serve them to you. The other fun thing that they do if you want to ramp up the night is a pickle back, a shot of Jameson followed by a shot of pickle juice back to back. I had to be convinced to do this as I am not a fan of either whiskey or shots but it was pretty mind blowing experience. You can’t taste the Jameson at all and you are just left with a nice taste of slightly sweet pickle juice.

66 Madison Ave (between 27th St & 28th St) New York, NY 10016
t +1 212 725 3900
web www.shortysnyc.com

Our crawl usually ends here when we need some more substantial food. It is a glorified sports bar but don’t be fooled. We have taken many friends here and they are often bewildered as to why we are in a sports bar but, when we later dissect of culinary New York crawl Shorty’s is typically one of their favorite places. If you can’t make it to Philadelphia they definitely serve the best Philly cheese steak in New York. Don’t order a whole cheese steak as they are big and harder to share. Go for the steak whiz sliders, 3 mini versions of the large sandwich. They come with or without onions but onions are a must. These sandwiches pack a flavour punch with a small soft, slightly sweet bun filled with thinly shaved steak topped with a cheese sauce or cheese whiz as it called. Their Buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce are also excellent. Both the sliders and the wings are a good way to soak up some of the alcohol consumed during the night. My drink of choice here is the “Pork Mary” an incredible riff on a Bloody Mary, spiked with some pork jus and garnished with a crispy strip of bacon instead of the traditional celery stalk. The drink starts off as a great version of the original, but gets better and more porky with each sip.


113 E 29th St (between S Park Ave & Lexington Ave) New York, NY 10016
t +1 212 686 5480
web www.thecannibalnyc.com

Cannibal, as the name suggests is all about meat and of course beer. They have 450 beers from all over the world. The menu at The Cannibal includes a range of tartares, sausages and terrines, including pigs head which are best for sharing on a crawl. The more substantial fair includes quirky dishes like Cannibal dogs (don’t stress a dog on an American menu is different to China); made of beef and beef heart ragu, served Coney Island style and slow roasted half pigs’s head for two served Gyro (or yiros) style.

If you are a vegetarian it’s probably not the place for you. Their grilled cheese with bacon, pork belly, cheddar and Gruyere is sadly that is only a lunch item, but my all time favourite.

11 Madison Ave (at 24th St) New York, NY 10011
t +1 212 889 0905
web www.elevenmadisonpark.com

This is one of my all time favourite restaurants in New York but it is also one of the most expensive. It has three Michelin stars and was ranked best restaurant in New York by New York Magazine in 2012, coming in front of the very popular Thomas Keller’s Per Se. At Eleven Madison Park they only do a multi course tasting menu for both lunch and dinner which is $195 USD a head (before tax and tip) for food only. If you want to have a blow out night while you are in New York this is the place to go but you have to book in advance. They take bookings 28 days in advance starting at 9.00 am and they usually book up in minutes.

Eleven Madison Park, Roulade…image © copyright Francesco Tonelli

However, they do have a great bar which you can go to without a reservation. You can sit and enjoy incredible, albeit expensive, cocktails and soak up the atmosphere without forking over a small, but well–spent fortune for dinner.

254 5th Ave (between 28th St & 29th St) New York, NY 10001
t +1 212 203 7772
web www.landwoyster.com

This place serves classic New England clam shack food — lobster rolls, oyster po’boys etc. My favourite thing here to eat is the Brussels sprouts two ways, a spin on a Caesar salad with roasted and raw shaved Brussels sprouts…it’s delicious!

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  • Junoon — high end modern Indian
  • Hill Country Barbecue — classic Texas barbecue in the heart of New York, casual inexpensive
  • Shorty’s — don’t be put off this is a sport’s bar with really good substantial food
  • The Cannibal — not for vegetarians this, as the name suggests is pretty much about meat and beer, good meat and an amazing choixe of beers
  • Eleven Madison Square Park — at the very high end with 3 Michelin Stars this is our favourite New York high end
  • L&W Oyster Co. — clam shack, lobster rolls you get the drill
Cannibals outdoor dining area
The stunning dining room at Eleven Maddison Park
image © copyright
Francesco Tonelli
Pre–service chefs at Hill Street Barbecue
Forget everything you think you know about Indian restaurants and embrace Junoon

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