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Beijing Insider
Campbell Thompson
Food and wine obsessed, Campbell is the managing director of The Wine Republic
They specialise in high quality wines from the world’s cooler climate regions

1949 is a complex of bars and restaurants by Hong Kong’s Elite Concepts Group Duck de Chine restaurant is well worth a try.
The China Club
No.51 Xi Rong Xian Lane,Xi Dan,Beijing 100031 Staying at the China Club is to experience old style luxury at its absolute best and being invited to have dinner there is an opportunity that one would never say no to.
Exquisitely restored pavilions entering their dining area is a step back in time as one walks to the centre of the complex to one of their exquisitely furnished private dining rooms. When we visited the beauty of this magical experience was further embellished with light snow; the ambience was glorious and to our complete surprise the food was brilliant.
My Humble House
The Tunglok Group is renouned for getting it right and My Humble House is another consultancy of that smarty pants young chef Sam Leong. We just love his food and wonder how one so young can know so much!

Liquin Duck
To go to China and not eat roast duck cooked over a wood fire is to miss out on one of China’s least complex, but must delicious dining experience. This restaurant has become a haunt for gastro travelers, but has maintained the excellence of its duck. Your hotel will undoubtedly know the restaurant get them to write the address in Chinese and go. There is a lot of good local and street eating during the day in this area, but, if you are not adventurous its probably not for you.

Massage is one of the most heavenly pleasures of China. Full body, foot massage, ginger leg wraps you may want to stay for ever. Many stay open late and it is lots of fun to go as a group after a dinner and listen to the screams of pleasure pain and snores of your mates. Massage is a highly respected profession in China and regarded as essential to keeping a healthy body. Many of the best masseuse are blind.
Taipan — directly opposite the St Regis Hotel, this group also have what is probably Beijing’s best jazz bar.

The Pearl Market (known locally as the Hongqiao Market – pronounced Hong Chow is on the North East corner of the Temple of Heaven.
Lots of fun and plenty of bargains especially jewels. Hongqiao Market, Tiantan Donglu, Chongwen District, telephone 6713 3354

History going to Beijing and not seeing the Imperial Palaces, The Ming Tombs and the Great Wall of China is to shut your eyes to the mysteries and magic of life and are simply must do

food editor’s note
There is only one food that we haven’t been able to eat and enjoy in China and that is the fermented black tofu which is a very acquired taste but luckily easily identified by its black colour. Another piece of information well worth remembering about Beijing is that it will take you twice as long as you will gauge looking at map to get anywhere by taxi and if you want to arrive on time it is best to leave plenty of time to spare. Don’t forget cashmere shopping is an absolute bargain and the government run People’s Stores usually have well–priced quality selections.

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Jan Bowman
Political comentator, briliant photographer…farmers’s market obsessed…Brisbane based.

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Masters of Gastronomy, NYC, Spain and constant assistance and editorial suggestion…Adelaide based.

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